Understanding Investment Risk

INVESTMENT RISK The objective of investing is always to grow your capital, and get the best return you can. However, there is a very important element to consider investment risk.  Most investments carry with them the possibility (sometimes high and sometimes low) of you losing money. With equities, the value of your shares can go up […]

Understanding Asset Classes

An asset class is a group of securities with the same characteristics, especially with regard to risk. There are three main asset classes equities, bonds and cash. Some professionals also add real estate and other commodities like art and gold when discussing asset classes. Apart from varying levels of risk, each asset class also has […]

Best Time to Start Investing

WHEN SHOULD YOU START? It is never too early to start. Investing is the smartest way to secure your financial future. The earlier you start, the more time your money has to compound and grow. This simply means that the interest from the money you have invested is put back into your investment, allowing your money to […]

How to Begin your Investment

FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE INVESTING Before you invest, you need to decide on the best investment option for you. To make this important decision, you should consider your goals for the investment, how long you can afford to tie down your money and how much risk you are willing to bear. Investment goals It is […]