The E-BillsPay service (How It Works)

Internet Banking

  1. Log into your internet banking portal
  2. Navigate to NIBSS E-Bills Payments or E-Bills Payment
  3. Enter or Choose ARM as the biller
  4. Enter Membership number, amount and choose product
  5. Confirm account and payment information
  6. Proceed to pay

Bank Branch

  1. Walk into any bank branch
  2. Approach teller attendant and request to pay via E-BillsPay
  3. Inform teller to enter ARM as the biller
  4. Provide membership number to teller attendant (preferably written on the deposit slip)
  5. Confirm account and payment information
  6. Proceed to pay


1. What is NIBSS EBillsPay?  NIBSS E-BillsPay is the payment channel that enables you fund your investment account directly from your bank account via internet banking or bank branches at no cost at all. 
2. How Secure is E-BillsPay?  E-BillsPay is secure with the same level of security your bank provides, so no need to worry about any breach to your account. 
3. What are the Benefits?  You can transfer from the comfort of your home or office 


No transaction fee (free of charge) 


You will receive real-time acknowledgement via SMS and email for successful transactions 


Your funds will be invested same day if your payment is received before 2:30pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. 

4. What is the Maximum Amount that can be Transferred?  If you’re paying via internet banking online, the maximum you can transfer via EBillsPay is the maximum limit set on your account by your bank. There is no maximum amount that can be transferred when you walk into a bank branch to pay with EbillsPay. 
5. Does My Bank Have E-Bills Payment Option? – List of banks that have E-BillsPay 
Access Bank  Live 
Diamond Bank  Live 
Eco Bank  Live 
First City Monument Bank (FCMB)  Live 
Fidelity Bank  Live 
GT Bank  Live 
Keystone Bank  Live 
Stanbic IBTC  Live 
Sterling Bank  Live 
Union Bank  Live 
Wema Bank  Live 
Zenith Bank  Live 


6. What Type of Investment Can I Pay For?  You can make payments into your various investment products: 


ARM Money Market Fund 

ARM Discovery Fund 

ARM Aggressive Growth Fund 

ARM Ethical Fund 

Gift of A Lifetime 


ARM Life Education Plan 

ARM Life Savings Plan 

ARM Life Protection Plan 

ARM Life Memorial Plan 

Education Trust by ARM Trustees 

ARM Trustees Annual Recurrent Fee 

ARM Trustees Education Trust Annual Recurrent 

ARM Trustees Easy Will 

7. How Do I use E-Bills Pay? 


Login to your internet banking, navigate to E-Bills Pay or NIBSS E-Bills Pay depending on your bankchoose or enter ARM as the billerenter your membership number, amountchoose your preferred product and proceed to pay. 
8. Can I Pay Through My bank’s mobile App?  Mobile banking apps are currently not enabled for E-Bills Payment. It is only available on web/online banking platforms and bank branches. 
9. Can I Make Third-Party Payments?  You can make third party payments on the E-Bills Pay platform. Please ensure the membership number you provide belongs to the third party/beneficiary. 
10. What Happens if my Transaction Fails?  For failed transactions on the platform, please contact your bank’s customer service for assistance. 
11. After Payment is Made, What Next?  If your payment was successful, you will receive an instant SMS and email notification from ARM acknowledging that the bank has notified us of your payment.  
12. Who Can I Contact for More Information?  Need Help? Contact the Customer Experience Management Team on or call 07080635200; 012715000-2; 07002255276