About the ARM Aggressive Growth Fund

What is the ARM Aggressive Growth Fund?

The ARM Aggressive Growth Fund is an open-ended investment vehicle sponsored and managed by ARM Investment Managers.

How can I start an investment?

An investment in the Fund can be made by completing a subscription form and making payment into the designated bank account via convenient channels such as Cheque, Debit/Credit card, Quick teller, bank deposit, bank transfers, Direct Debits, and Mobile money.

Subscription forms are available at www.arminvestmentcenter.com or any ARM Investment Centre.

Completed subscription forms and payment instruments or evidence of online payment are required to be sent by mail to enquiries@arminvestmentcenter.com or to any ARM Investment Center nearest to you.

How much do I need to start the Aggressive Growth fund?


Who can invest in the ARM Aggressive Growth Fund?


How much can I invest in the Fund?

N50,000 initially and N10,000 thereafter

What is the investment objective of the Aggressive Growth Fund?

The Fund invests primarily in equities of companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The mix of assets in the Fund is aimed at providing investors with long term capital growth

What is the Fund’s asset allocation?

  • Equities 80% – 100%.

Who manages the Aggressive Growth fund?

The ARM Aggressive fund is managed by Asset & Resource Management Company Ltd (ARM), one of Nigeria’s leading asset management firms. ARM is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Fund Manager.

Who monitors the Fund Manager’s activities?

Unit Trusts (Mutual Funds) in Nigeria are regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus, the ARM Money Market Fund is registered with, and regulated by SEC. The interest of Investors in the Fund is further protected by the Trustee (First Trustees Nigeria Limited), who supervises the activities of the Fund Manager. In addition to the above, an independent Custodian (Citibank Nigeria Limited) will hold and safeguard the assets of the Fund. This structure creates control in the management of the Fund

Who are the Trustees of the Fund, and what is their role?

The Trustees are First Trustees Nigeria Limited.  The Trustees have a legal duty to protect the interest of the Unit-holders. Their activities will include on-going supervision of compliance with the investment policies of the Fund

What will I receive as evidence of my Investment in the Fund?

Every Unit holder shall be entitled to receive from the Fund Manager an Electronic Fund Statement for the number of units purchased. The statements shall be made available via email. In addition, investors will be able to access their account on line. Also, physical copies of the Fund statement will be available at all ARM Investment Centers.

What is a “Unit Trust”?

A Unit Trust (or Mutual Fund) is a pool of funds from several investors who share similar investment objectives. Their contributions are invested in various financial instruments and managed by a professional Fund Manager. Each investor becomes a unit holder in the Fund, that is, a part owner of the Fund. The units held confer certain rights of ownership on the investor such as participating in the income derived from the Fund’s investments

How can I access accrued income on my investment?

Dividends shall be paid at the end of every calendar quarter to all Unit holders. You have the option of either re-investing the dividend or requesting direct credit into your account. You are expected to provide bank details at the point of initial purchase of units of the Fund. In the event that a client part liquidates his investment before the end of a quarter, only the capital sum will be paid. The income earned to the liquidation date will be paid during the quarterly distribution. Only full liquidations before the end of a quarter will earn their full income.

What is the minimum guaranteed rate of return?

The Fund cannot guarantee a rate of return but is projected to be as competitive as the high-end returns from fixed income instruments available in the market. The return is based on interest rate trend in the financial market.

Do I have a say in what you invest my money in?

The fund has a discretionary mandate which means that, decisions are only made by the Investment Manager and are kept within the investment limits of the fund.

What are the benefits of investing in the ARM Aggressive Growth Fund?

  • Grow your wealth over the long term with returns above inflation
  • Earn multiple returns through capital appreciation and dividends

Can I exit my investment at any time?


How can I subscribe as a foreign investor?

The Fund assets are denominated in Naira and, as such, capital inflows by foreign investors who subscribe to the Fund shall be converted to Naira at the exchange rate as advised by the Fund Manager’s Bankers. Certificates of Capital Importation (CCI) shall be issued by the Fund Manager’s Bankers for foreign investor or by the Custodian to the Fund if the procurement of foreign investor so wishes. This certificate is necessary for procurement of foreign exchange at the official market for repatriation of dividends paid by the Fund and repatriation of proceeds from the redemption of Units. The bank transfer details for the Fund are indicated on the subscription form.

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