Payment Channels

1. GT Collections

If you are a GTBank customer, you can now make payments via The GT Collections Platform directly to your ARM Investment account. Here is how it works:

2. Payment via USSD Codes

You can now subscribe for our Mutual Funds via your phone, even without internet connection.

Using our new USSD code solution, you can now initiate a new Money Market Fund investment or make additional investments to the Money Market Fund or any of our mutual funds.

It’s easy, fast and effective. See how it works:

3. Cheque payment

If you are writing a cheque, the cheque should be issued in favour of the ARM Mutual Fund you are investing in e.g. ARM Money Market Fund. You are advised to write your name and membership number (mutual funds account number) on the back of the cheque. Kindly reconfirm that the amount in figures match the amount in words.

4. Direct Debits

A direct debit allows you to conveniently make periodic additional payments into your mutual fund investment without the inconvenience of issuing cheques or visiting the bank. Direct Debit instructions can be increased, decreased or cancelled at any time. This gives you the opportunity to increase the amount remitted when your earnings increase such as a salary increase; decrease the amount when there is a shortage in cash flow or cancel when necessary. We however advise that you maintain a direct debit to take advantage of favourable changes in the market.

Setting up a direct debit for processing is now easy on our online platform here. If you need any information, contact us at [email protected]

5. Card Payment/ online payment

You can make deposits into your Mutual Funds account with your Visacard, Matercard or Vervecard (Debit/Credit) . When making a payment, you will be required to:

  • Select Debit/Credit Card as payment method
  • Select card type and enter your email address
  • Enter the card number, expiry date, CVV code, card pin, secure code (as required)
  • Complete your payment and you will be redirected to our website where you would see your transaction status.

You can invest online here

6. Bank Transfer

You can make investments into your Mutual Funds account using your bank’s internet banking at no extra charge.

Please quote IV Number or Fullname with your email address and mobile number on the internet banking’s comments box.






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