ARM Mutual Funds Performance

Money Market Fund as at 06/12/2017 {Yield: 17.7486%}  |  Aggressive Growth Fund as at 14/12/2017 {Bid: 19.0231, Offer: 19.5967}  |  Discovery Fund as at 14/12/2017 {Bid: 393.0607, Offer: 404.9118}  |  Ethical Fund as at 14/12/2017 {Bid: 27.6574, Offer: 28.4913}

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Own your home

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Grow your wealth

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Instant trading

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Safety Net
Assured future

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Future Generations
Wealth preservation

Work Free
Best years ahead

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Give a Gift
Appreciates with time

Financial fitness is a commitment

A lifestyle, similar to going to the gym and eating right.

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Why us?

Proven experience of over 20 years in asset management in Nigeria, across
multiple investment sectors with a professional and diverse team.


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